Past clients include:

The Viking, Roman and Mediaeval Groups
The Napoleonic Society
World War I & II  Re-enactment Groups

 Ridge Tents & 14' Diameter Bell Tents

Ridge Tent Bell Tent

Both items are made from white 12oz canvas and although second-hand have been fully serviced.

Wooden poles, cleft cut ash pegs and mallet included. Sisal Guys 10 can be supplied as an optional extra.

280 each including VAT - plus delivery at cost.

Ridge Tents sizes: 14' x 14' x 7', 14' x 12' x 9',14' x 8' x 7'

Some older tents available for less - ring for details

12'x 12' Marquees

12' Square with canvas walls and wooden side poles.
One piece King Pole 12' long.

Sisal Guys (15) and jointed King Poles (25) can be supplied as optional extras.

600 each including VAT - plus delivery at cost.

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